What is your brand-child?

imageThere is something fabulous about building a brand.  Creating an idea and nurturing it into reality.  The brand is born in the heart, in the brain….in the imagination and literally birthed into the world.  Incubation may take many months or even years (my own view is those that consciously are incubated for shorter lengths of time, are likely to be rooted in a very distant past) and birth experiences may be variable.  There may be lots of anxiety attached to announcing the birth of ones’s brand.  Will it be accepted?  What is it’s identity….and will it be excluded or marginalised in any way.  How will we feel if it is?  How will we manage our feelings if our ‘baby’, our brand-child, is rejected?  The notion of rejection is crucial…it is this anxiety that reveals why I’m referring to the brand-child in this way.  A rejection of our brand, can be experienced as a rejection of us.  Of what we stand for…of who we are….of (perhaps) our life’s work and all the blood, sweat and tears that have been poured into it.  ConsultAChameleon is unapologetically my brand-child.  It is the professional translation of my life experiences, which I can trace right back to childhood.  It represents the resilience that I have relied upon, that has enabled me to survive.  It is my mantra of ‘How can I help? What do you need?’, as opposed to imposing a prescription that may not be fit for purpose.  ConsultAChameleon is my brand-child, with a long incubation, a slow labour and painful yet exhilarating birth.  It is absolutely liberating to own my brand, in its totality.  To acknowledge it’s doubters and to still believe in it, to still love it and nurture it.  To still develop it and grow it’s colours.  The power and relevance of story is not to be underplayed….what is your story?  What is your brand-child?  Are you a proud parent?


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