A chameleonic brand that rises to the challenge of an ever changing landscape

imageAs it’s a full moon and I’m feeling particularly creative, I decided to take a look at my brand…what it is…what I do…who for…and who with…perhaps even, who to! Chameleonism has it’s challengers…being defined as a form of mimicry….as unanchored and perhaps as nondescript. Yet for me, it has felt for a number of years like it is the ‘only’ way….the only way to fully acknowledge and value wholeness and gives permission for contradiction sometimes. The concept grew from my doctoral studies and from the outset proved problematic for some to accept…those who favour clear lines and boundaried working to a rigid professional identity – especially those who have fought hard for said identity. I understand. I understand that it is a challenge to feel that the identity that one has nurtured through tough courses of study and professional experience, can be dismissed or discounted in some way by the notion of being what I have referred to in a previous article as being ‘professionally nude’. Further, if we are metaphorically nude, how can we therefore be identified, recognised, related to….respected! For me, it’s old news. Being of mixed race parentage and growing up being asked ‘how I see myself’ has led to a comfortability in not being one thing or another. As an approach to business and personal relationships, I embraced chameleonism as an accepting, flexible and resilient way to ‘be’ and to ‘be available’ to others. How about you?


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