Why the ‘what’ needs the ‘how’ – offering more than a textbook response

imageThe Universe is a wondrous place.  The way that we – and everything – are connected into one beautifully orchestrated synchrony never, ever ceases to amaze me. The ‘random’ connection between a Facebook message exchange I had with someone in the Caribbean and the heartfelt conversation I had with a friend at a children’s party, fills me with excitement about things unknown, until they unfold. I did not instigate either conversation but the topic does resonate with me. As a trainer, lecturer, coach and supervisor, I am all too familiar with the process of exploring ‘why’ and ‘what’ and in how elusive the ‘how’ can be. Moving beyond the textbook response requires taking the why and the what and going that little bit deeper, to discover the befitting ‘how’. It is this awareness and this desire to move beyond the text book response, that underpins ConsultAChameleon. The chameleon cannot be restricted by monochrome responses…the chameleon knows that there are are many colours of each unique individual, situation and in how the why and the what can take on variable significance accordingly. Therefore, the concept of ConsultAChameleon is to utilise it’s own ability to respond to diversity and work with individuals to develop their how. This way, people aren’t left hanging, thinking ‘yes, that’s great…but HOW do I do this?’….after all, if we want a text book response, we could have stayed at home…with the textbook.  ConsultAChameleon to find out how…..image


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