Will the real chameleon please stand up…(please stand up….)

ConsultAChameleon is so much a reflection of me that I assumed that it was obvious to everyone that it IS me…that it was plain for all to see that I AM the chameleon.  My illusion was challenged the other night when a friend and colleague texted me to say how much she liked the blog post I’d recently shared: blog:https://consultachameleon.com/2015/01/24/three-ways-to-be-a-purposeful-professional/ and she’d been trying to locate the author. I coyly texted back: “It’s me…” And of course, she then went on to question why I wasn’t putting my name to my work. I thought I had been…I thought everyone knew I was the chameleon…so I’ve spent a couple of days reflecting…have I been hiding behind the chameleon brand? Have I been trying to play it safe? So….as much as I have a queue of blogs backing up in my head, just itching to pour out onto the page, I figure this blog needs to air first. The real chameleon – Joanna Oliver – is pleased to stand up.image

Thanks JR for your real talk.


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