Reflect, Learn, Grow

imageHow open are you to feedback?  How do you respond to criticism…constructive or otherwise? Do you refuse to take on board any feedback that doesn’t fit your own self construct? Is reflection a process you have integrated into your practice…into your approach to life? For some, reflection is a waste of time….a distraction from action…a way of intellectualising procrastination perhaps.  Yet, reflection..and making and taking the time to step back in that reflective space is a crucial ingredient in the process of learning and growth.  Being able to receive feedback can help move ourselves out of our own head and offers a glimpse of how we are perceived by others…even if we decide that this perception doesn’t matter.  In fact, making the time to reflect can help us to determine what actually matters, helping us to focus and direct our energy where it is needed.  Doing without stopping to reflect in and on action, compromises the depth of learning potential.  What’s more, experiencing a non-agenda’d space, free from the norms and expectations of work or home expectations is an invaluable learning and growth tool. ConsultAChameleon can offer you a reflective space, a space for honest critical exploration and clear focal points upon which to base some targeted goal setting.  ConsultAChameleon today and book your space.




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