A couple of typo foes

imageI wrote a blog a few months ago, where I proclaimed my typo-adversity: https://consultachameleon.com/do-the-write-thing-consultachameleon/

As someone who blogs on a whim, typos are always a potential….late-night-excited-blogging can mean that I trip over the words and miss the mitsakes (tee hee).  However, I have noticed a couple of typo-foes.  As if we needed anything else to contend with?  Predictive text.

Predictive text.  Yet another one of those double edge swords.  Very clever yet also incredibly stupid.  At what point does ‘as irises’ make sense, when I meant to type ‘as it were’?  Ok…..so it’s probably because I do most of my work on my IPad that I am blighted by predictive text.

Bringing me on to the second foe…..the meandering cursor!  The cursor that chooses to move and type my new sentence in an old spot in the blog….changing it’s design and forcing me to go back and retrace my literary steps, recreating the original sentence structure.  The naughty cursor is then firmly re-established where it is supposed to be and I can carry on.  Often, I do so with the patience of a relaxed parent but at others…….oh, that cursor is cursed for interrupting my creative flow.

Modern technology and it’s associated functionality.  On the one hand, I am grateful to be able to blog from my bed, from the garden, from the park…..imagine having to use a typewriter again (visions of ‘asdf’ typing lesson exercises flit through my mind)!?!  On the other, I doubt I’ll make friends with predictive text or with meandering cursor….although now that I’ve blogged about them….and made them a little bit 3D, perhaps I will warm to them….a bit.

So if you read one of my reports, articles or blogs or commission me to produce a PowerPoint….please know what I’ve contended with to meet the end goal.  Not only do I have to consider mistakes made by my own fair hand…but those created by my typo-foes, who (if they were in character form) would probably have a good old giggle at their meddlesome ways.


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