Breaking free from a monochrome life

imageThe main aim of the work I do, is to help/cajole/encourage/inspire people to grow their (techni)colours and move away from a monochrome life.  The monochrome life is one that is governed by a prescribed set of rules and where our identity is a narrowly defined shadow of the ‘real’ person (often-aching-to-get-out) trapped inside.  The monochrome life is narrated buy ‘shoulds’ and ‘woulda-coulda’ and characterised by a measure of frustration and discontent, expressed as an inner scream and an overbearing sense of feeling misunderstood and discontent.  In this world, the secretly-sought-after life belongs to ANother and is trapped behind the screen of often self imposed norms and expectations of our so-called comfort zone.  So passionate am I about this, that I am writing a book about it: ’52 ways to grow your colours’.  Of course, a blog is not the place for listing 52 ways (hence the need for a book!), although there a few key points that serve as a springboard out of a singular, indistinct existence:

Exercise right brain thinking – get creative, be creative, play and see the adventure in life.

Create a vision board – don’t overthink it, just let your imagination run free…how could your life look? Without all the shoulds and all the ideas that you may hold about what you think you deserve, or what you think others would say or do….what would your life be?

Allow yourself to ‘not be ok’ and know that you are always ‘ok’ – being ok with our own ‘not ok-ness’ is essential.  So what if we feel a bit off…if we have to cancel our participation in something that others ‘expect’ us to be at…so what if we have a duvet extra hour, or morning, or DAY if that’s how we feel.  Who wrote the script that said we can’t?  When did the expectations of others become more important than our own feelings and inclinations?  Self acceptance and embracing one’s own ideosyncrasies is extremely powerful and is key to growing our colours.

Finally (for now)…. Listen to the universe – that person inside is sending out vibrations about how they want life to be…even if you can’t or won’t hear them and the universe is reflecting these messages back into your life…even if you can’t or won’t hear them!  There are omens everywhere…everywhere…guiding us, chiding us…we need to create a mindset to receive them and well….receive them.

Some of my other blogs offer more guidance on living in our colours and of course for a more comprehensive (but not exhaustive) guide, ’52 ways to grow your colours’ will be available soon, so as they say, watch this space. image


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