Would you like to learn 7 ways to grow your colours to success?

Have I said before that I love how the creator works? I’m sure I have. It wasn’t that long ago that I posted a comment in a Facebook community I’m involved in (https://www.facebook.com/groups/CoachesSpeakersAndAuthors/?ref=ts&fref=ts) where I asked members to define what success means to them. Now here I am, on the eve of my first proper TV appearance. Ok….so it’s not mainstream TV and I say ‘proper’ because I was an audience member on the talk show ‘The Time, The Place’ in the 1990’s…does that count? Mainstream or not, this is a proper gig.

I’m thrilled that I’ve been invited to speak about ‘success mindset’ on the ‘Mindset Makeover’ show hosted by Tope Songonuga. So, as I prepare myself to speak, beyond wondering what to wear…..my mind drifts to the subject matter. The success mindset. What is it exactly? Where to start? Well, I’ve recently been listening to an audiobook by Whitney Johnson called ‘Dare, Dream, Do’ and it is absolutely epitomises the many versions, the many layers, the many facets of success. Of one thing I am certain, success is relative. A bit like one person’s junk being another person’s treasure! As a mum, a homemaker, an employee, a business owner, a writer, amongst many other roles, success can sometimes feel elusive, can sometimes feel compromised and stretched to say the least….yet my success is MY success.

I’m a juggler, a chameleonic shapeshifter, who enjoys feeding many seeds and tending them according to my vibe. THAT is my success and I know that for some people, my version of success would be a complete nightmare. One other thing I am sure of, is taking the plunge to be successful is born from a courageous mindset….the courage to take action to ignite the flame within. What am I suggesting? Yes, I am suggesting that success is a choice…it’s a conscious decision to follow one’s own God given passion…to live authentically. Having the courage to live in accordance with one’s own version of what it is to be successful, is success in itself. To that end, success is perhaps a process rather than a destination and is not defined by abstract objects such as that house, or that car, or that anything….or perhaps that is what success means to you?

Tune in to the show tonight to hear more and to gain a free copy of ‘7 ways to a grow your colours to success’, please email me at: joanna@consultachameleon.co.uk. For more about consultachameleon, visit my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ConsultAChameleon?ref=ts&fref=ts. Here goes…..



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