Do the write thing…ConsultAChameleon

imageA dear friend of mine texted me last night and kindly pointed out that I need to check the word ‘personal’ in one of my recent posts  My ‘typo’ was a deliberate play on words and also me demonstrating how much I enjoy being able to invent words because having spent many years in the sometimes confining world of academia, writing blogs is truly liberating. It does leave me wondering though, what happens if we don’t have a ‘dear friend’ (and she is) to kindly point out typos and also, who in their write mind (get it?) would commission someone to copywrite or edit for them, when they misspell their own copy? I’m a bit of a typo-fiend…and often see them like the proverbial ‘sore thumb’ when I read web pages and blogs, so had my mistake have been truly that, I’d have been none too pleased with myself. Blog writing, editorial, advertisements, business reports, industry briefings, literature reviews and other research, PowerPoint presentations…you name it, ConsultAChameleon is up for it. And I mean really up for it. In a particularly geeky way, the chameleon will happily review your policies, turn your awkward mumbles into blogs and make your advert stand out with some exciting editorial. Writing reports and other copy is perhaps considered a mundane aspect to ANother’s job, yet ConsultAChameleon and mundane no more. So, if you want it to look good on paper (or anywhere else), do the write thing (pun intended).image


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