Grow Your Colours….inside out…..thanks Disney Pixar!

imageI have long maintained that ‘the work’ we need to do on ourselves is an inside job.  We can buy ourselves some temporary self esteem boost (a la retail therapy) and perhaps seek solace in other people, which will only last as long as they remain a ‘shiny object’.  An element of growing our colours involves self acceptance.  In order to be our wonderfully and uniquely technicolor selves, we need to be able to self-accept.  This includes all of our shades and hues…the good and the great and the not so good too.

Talking of colours…what a wonderful film the latest Disney Pixar movie is.  The yellow ‘joy’, the blue ‘sadness’, the red ‘anger’ and the purple ‘fear’….all co-existing and in fact, the main source of conflict was when one tried to suppress the other.  The successful manoeuvring within the story, was when all were allowed to be…to express themselves.  What a great way to tangibilise our emotions and feelings, than by giving them a colour….indeed this is nothing new…I remember years ago that we used a form of creative art with young people, who were living in a therapeutic community.  Red was the dominant colour in most of their work…..not to say that anger was the main feeling….just perhaps the default expression.  How often can other emotions be expressed as anger?

I digress.  The main point of this blog is the relevance of working from the inside out.  The importance of not pleasure seeking external verification or gratification, in place of internal reflection and  rectification.  Incidentally, have you noticed how when a person is content, this shines from within them,, seeping through their pores and is almost palpable to those around them?  This cannot be feigned or fabricated.  Which is why I will always champion authenticity.  To be our authentic self, personally and professionally, we have to start on the inside….growing and accepting our colours….all of them.


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