Meeting of Minds – The principle of collaboration

There is something very special about collaboration.  Especially so, in  a climate where competition is abound and co-operation and compliance are ingredients for partnership working etiquette, rather than genuine choice.  Colleagiality is a valuable resource, joining together, sharing ideas, mutual respect and acceptance of the way that each can and does contribute to a greater whole.  So, the notion of collaboration is fundamental to ConsultAChameleon….even if there are points where, as one of my lovely collaborators states in his Liverpool accent: “This is where me and you part ways”.  Perfect.  Working with where connections are, acknowledging where there are differences, embracing the sameness.  Love it all.  To compete is to rob oneself of the energy to succeed.  To collaborate is to grow that energy and to release it’s glorious technicolour.  At ConsultAChameleon the principle of collaboration emanates and filters through to relationships with clients and commissioners in a coherent and congruent way.  ConsultAChameleon works with others…in genuine partnership, with transparent agenda. If the chameleon is not able to meet the needs of ‘the brief’, it is more than likely that another member of the collaborative will. The ‘meeting of minds’ group is a bringing together of like-minds who sometimes “part ways” but share a common purpose for growth and self-determination.  So far, the group members have been carefully selected as a complement…for now.  In the future, who knows where the collaboration may lead?  What it can achieve and how large it may grow….?


The ConsultAChameleon meeting of minds collaborative conjure renewed energy and form a community of practice that is not restricted by a specific and prescriptive ethical or professional code.  The mission: grow your colours; the process: grow your colours; the aim: grow your colours.—a-meeting-of-minds



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