NIKE Power: Take off your lab coat and take action

imageThis week has been a week of ‘just do(ing) it’ and boy, does it feel good.  For some, this may be no big deal but for someone like me, who can think themselves out of many situations, it’s nothing short of a triumph.  It all started at the end of 2014, when a group I belonged to was encouraged to ‘finish strong, to start strong’ and I found myself planting seeds left, right and centre.  As a growth and development specialist, this is bliss….waiting and watching as things and people unfold, knowing that some will surface much later than others and that this is all part of the adventure.  What I have referred to as taking the scenic route.  But I suddenly got……bored.  This time, something clicked.  I felt the urge to take off my lab coat and DO… It was a compulsion that kicked in and gave me courage.  The courage to do what I need to do to make things happen.  And so much has ‘happened’ since.  Yes, the universe is wondrous and putting things ‘out there’ via prayer, meditation and vision boards is important but also, the power of NIKE cannot be denied.  Reflect, learn, grow, reflect, learn, grow, reflect, learn, GO.  GO. GO.  Act now.  So in the matter of a week, I’ve secured work outside of my comfort zone but well within my capabilities and am drawing people to me in a fantastic way.  So yes, goal setting, goal mapping, action planning and target setting are necessary and can help us to chrystalise our vision but the real magic ‘happens’ when we trust….and just do it……