The importance of not letting our’self’ get in the way

imageA recurring theme just lately, has been how easy it is to get in one’s own way….and for me, a mini-mantra when faced with a situation where ego is clouding spirit, is ‘get over yourself’.  I say it to myself…sometimes out loud…and I move on.  I was reminded of this in a text conversation this evening with a very dear friend of mine, who is pushing her own boundaries to put herself ‘out there’.  It doesn’t matter how far along we are in our personal and professional journey, there is always the potential to get in our own way.  The anxieties of change and growth and the fear of what could go wrong do not magically disappear…every time we shift gear, we change…we open ourselves to unchartered territory.  I have spoken at conferences in England, Italy, Spain and Greece but this does not mean that an invitation to give a low-key speech somewhere tomorrow will be a walk in the park.  Each time, I’ve had to ‘get over myself’…release the flow and go with it.  Spiritual flow is not concerned with the detail….of whether things go wrong…or what people may think or say about how things go.  That’s the job of our ego.  So when ego brings her concerns, it’s important to hear them, to acknowledge them.. even to know where they are grounded.  Mostly though, we need to ensure we  (and they) know their place…and that place isn’t centre stage where they can get in the way of progress.  Make them small, rise up and most of all get over your’self’.  ConsultAChameleon offers real talk, coaching and the necessary space to do this.