Like keeping your balance on a floating raft

imageToday’s climate is turbulent to say the least.  It is ever changing, fast moving and unpredictable, with the underscore of seeming never ending layers of bureaucracy and dwindling sources of funding.  In my doctoral research, I explored what it is that enables people and organisations to not only survive but to thrive in such uncertain situations. What is it that contributes to the resilience that provides the stability to counteract what can feel like what one of my research collaborators referred to as ‘keeping your balance on a floating raft’.

The main and consistent feature was, perhaps unsurprisingly, flexibility and responsivity.  Interesting.  In changing and challenging times, it can be difficult to simply ‘change gear’, especially when reliant upon commissioning others to help you to reach your business goals.  Often, at the point of commissioning services we can have an agenda in mind and feel clear about what and where to invest time and money.  However, the process needs to be exploratory….it needs to be reflective, enabling a change of direction and detours as necessary to respond to the unfolding dynamics and narrative twists.

Consultachameleon is a one-stop-shop for people who seek the responsivity that is necessary in the current changeable climate. It’s a flexible resource that enables the resilience to ride the waves and survive the storm and even to maximise the energy of the undercurrent.  So, if you commission Consultachameleon to write a funding bid and it is found that in order to achieve success, your policies need updating, or you need a staff handbook, or a statement of purpose, Consultachameleon can take care of that.  Saving time, saving money and surely saving additional headache.  Consultachameleon can help you to keep your balance.

Peppering the pedagogic cake – the acknowledgement of diversity in learning and development contexts

imageWith an increasingly regulated world and in certain work contexts, a never ending requirement to meet CPD criteria, there is the temptation to create a generic coverall to tick the necessary boxes.  When it comes to learning and development, this can lead to a somewhat bland recipe for an even blander pedagogic cake.  The title of this entry is an adaptation of a narrative interview undertaken as part of my doctoral research study…where the collaborator I was interviewing called for a ‘peppering of the cake’.  To not acknowledge the individual learner, to not make the recipe relevant to those partaking in the metaphoric eating, to not consider culture, race, age, gender and any other demographic, is to offer plain sponge to everyone….like it or not.  Of course, in the said regulated context, the main ingredients need to address the compulsory checklist but once that is covered, it’s important to add flavour.  To spice it up a bit.  If the pedagogic cake is bland, or dry….then it will not really feed the participants.  In reality, if participants are not fed, they will not retain what they have ‘learned’.  It’s natural that if we are served bland food, we may go through the motions of eating….so we don’t starve (replace with lose job/not reach targets/not make promotion/not gain qualification and so on) but we aren’t really eating.  We aren’t relating the learning to practice, to our lives….in fact, the learning is so far removed from our lives that we are barely attached to it.  Anyhow, you get my drift.  Bespoke, person centred, spiced-up-pepper-cake is the speciality of ConsultAChameleon.  And of course, we also do a commendable Madeira.